Why NRG Lost Its Entire Audience In 1 Month

What happened to NRG Esports? That is a question that recently started popping up more. They haven’t uploaded on their main channel in 2 months, barely get any of the views that they used to get on their videos, and are releasing their entire Fortnite roster that once brought them to fame. Yes, it may seem that NRG is losing their entire audience, and there is indeed some truth to that, but I will explain why it happened in today’s video. So what is NRG’s story behind their downfall? And will they get back from this? Watch until the end to find out. I hope you enjoy the video and be sure to leave a like if you do!

Table Of Contents


00:00 – NRG’s History
03:13 – The Rise And Fall Of NRG Fortnite
05:58 – Why NRG Lost Its Audience


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