Top 5 Free and Paid PC Gaming Software

PC Gaming Software - XBOX Controller next to a LapTop

PC gaming software is one of the most important tools you can use to make your PC run better. There are a few different tools that you can use to get the best performance out of your gaming PC, but they all have important functions. You can use these to tweak the settings of your gaming PC, and some are free.


Steam is a digital distribution service for PC games. It started as a storefront for Valve games, and has since evolved into one of the best PC gaming clients available. Among its features are automatic game updates, an integrated walkthrough, and easy mod installation. It is the most popular way to buy, play, and share video games.

Steam is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Note, however, that some games are not compatible with certain platforms, so you’ll need to be aware of this before installing them. Steam provides warnings if the software is incompatible with your device. You should also seek the advice of a professional or personal counselor before making any decisions regarding the software or the games you wish to install.

Another important tip is to make sure your Steam credentials are secure. Don’t give your password out to just anyone. Be cautious about scams, especially those offering cheap Steam keys. Also, do not click on random links, and don’t add people to your Steam profile you don’t know. Be careful about downloading game-related files – even if they are from trusted websites – as these could be malware designed to compromise your account.

Although it’s rare to experience Steam problems, they can occur. Most common issues involve the Family Library Sharing feature, but you can also look for help on Steam’s website.

Mantle-enabled drivers

There are two types of graphics API: DirectX and Mantle. Both are used in most PC games. DirectX gives developers lower-level access, whereas Mantle gives developers direct control. DirectX and Mantle are compatible with many products and architectures, but only the latest GPUs are compatible with the new features.

The Mantle API enables GPU workload sharing, which is controlled by the application, not by the graphics driver. With Mantle, developers can optimize multi-GPU configurations for specific gaming applications, like those that demand high-resolution graphics. It also supports AMD’s Eyefinity multi-display technology.

Mantle supports many games and can also be used to enhance graphics performance. AMD’s Mantle API is designed to make more advanced AMD hardware more compatible with PC games. The AMD team has been working on new AMD drivers that will support Mantle, along with other features. The new drivers will help AMD hardware run smoothly.

While AMD does not guarantee that Mantle will become open source, it does promise that the SDK will be made publicly available by the end of 2014, with no restrictions or license fees. The company is making an effort to woo PC gamers and developers with the new technology. AMD is releasing Mantle as beta, which will allow developers to test it.

AMD’s new Mantle technology is a more direct alternative to DirectX, which is often used in PC games. The new technology gives developers more direct access to the GPU, removing the dX overhead and letting developers make more efficient use of the hardware in the system.

IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is an ad-supported uninstaller that is capable of removing Windows apps, plug-ins, and unwanted programs. It has the ability to remove 300% more stubborn programs and 100% more malicious plug-ins than the default Windows uninstaller. It also has support for Windows apps that run under non-administrator accounts. It even works with Windows updates.

IObit Uninstaller also includes an easy-to-use uninstall feature. Simply select the icon of the program you want to uninstall and the application will be removed in just a few seconds. The uninstall history feature also helps you track what programs have been removed and when.

Users can uninstall a number of programs by selecting “Easy Uninstall” in IObit Uninstaller’s tools menu, located at the top of the program. The feature also shows where programs are installed and allows users to locate them. Another helpful feature is Force Uninstall, which forces the uninstalled program to exit the PC.

IObit Uninstaller is one of the most useful uninstallers for Windows. It is easy to use and removes unwanted plug-ins and programs that prevent your PC from running smoothly. It is a free program and features a modern interface. However, it does come with a few drawbacks. The first is that it may display pop-up advertisements, which can be annoying.

Another notable feature of IObit Uninstaller is its full 64-bit Windows compatibility. This means that you can use it to remove any 64-bit apps on your computer. This feature is not present in other uninstallers, such as Revo Uninstaller.


CCleaner is a utility program from Piriform that optimizes your computer and cleans up temporary files and windows registry entries. The tool is also useful in managing startup programs and uninstalling unwanted items from your PC. However, it is important to have a clear understanding of its capabilities before running it.

Its Tools tab provides the user with powerful configuration options. In addition, CCleaner also includes a drive wiper that makes multiple overwrite passes of deleted content. It also performs 35 shredder passes for maximum security. CCleaner for PC gaming software is available for download free of charge for Windows. Users from other countries may be asked to pay an extra $5. To avoid this extra charge, they can use a trusted VPN service to bypass geo-restrictions.

CCleaner’s Software Updater is also useful in keeping all of your programs up-to-date. It can be difficult to update programs regularly because of new security vulnerabilities, but CCleaner for PC gaming software aims to make the process easier and quicker. Another new feature is the Performance Optimizer, which helps improve battery life and overall PC performance.

After installing CCleaner, you should follow the instructions to prevent the program from deleting any files that might harm your system. It will remove invalid Windows registry keys and files from your PC. It will also optimize your system registry entries. Besides this, it will also delete temporary files and cookies.


Reshade PC gaming software is a great tool for improving the graphical quality of games. The program helps designers visualize how peripheral movement impacts a person’s brain. This is important information to understand when creating game characters. It also helps them understand how to create realistic game worlds. After all, we all process information based on our field of view.

Reshade is a popular shader add-on for games that use DirectX. It is less likely to affect performance than the ENB series, which hooks into the game script and can reduce framerate. The software comes in various versions and allows for easy installation. The installation process is straightforward: install the application and select a game.

To install ReShade on your PC, simply visit the official website and download it. Downloading it from a reputable site will help you avoid viruses and spyware. It is important to note that some third-party gaming software can conflict with ReShade. For this reason, it is important to rename games’ files to d3d11 to make them compatible with the software.

Once installed, open the ReShade application and select a game.exe file. Then, select the appropriate rendering API for your game. This can be Direct 3D 9+, Direct 3D 10, or OpenGL. The website also lists supported games and provides information on their compatibility with ReShade. Keep in mind that older games will have more limitations when it comes to post-processing.


CPU-Z is a computer performance tool that shows the current clock speed and voltage of your CPU. It is considered an excellent all-in-one tool for checking the running condition of your PC. It can be installed to automatically launch when you turn on your PC. It supports all Intel and AMD processors. It is updated frequently to support the latest models of processors.

CPU-Z is free, portable, and reliable. It can help you understand your PC’s performance and identify any hardware and software issues. It also helps you upgrade your PC’s hardware and download necessary driver updates. It is one of the best PC monitoring tools available. CPU-Z is a useful tool for Windows users who want to know the performance of their PC.

CPU-Z is a freeware application that displays detailed information about your PC’s processor and other hardware. It shows information on your processor’s core voltage and internal and external clocks. It also shows whether your processor has an overclock or not. You can also find out what instruction sets are supported, as well as its cache.

This PC gaming software is designed to help gamers get the most out of their gaming experience. With features like game booster and gaming mode, this application is a great choice for gamers.