This Mobile FPS Game Is Like Call of Duty LITE… (Better Than You Think)

“New Mobile FPS Game Like Call of Duty for Android/iOS – Warface GO 2023 Gameplay, New Update! Mobile FPS Games Like Call of Duty Mobile (Games Like COD Mobile Offline/Online 2023) Game Like Call of Duty Offline + Like Warzone Mobile – Game Better Than Call of Duty, Better Than Warzone? Lite”

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Hi guys! ExxotikGaming here – hope you’re all having a great day! In today’s video, we check out a game that many people compare with COD Mobile…it’s called Warface GO: Global Operations, and it’s actually pretty good! I would say Warface GO vs COD Mobile is like a more simplistic version of the mobile Call of Duty game we all know and love – but it actually has some pretty cool unique features of its own. Warface GO is Call of Duty Lite for Android/iOS devices, and it’s worth checking out! Let me know in the comments what you thought of this game like Call of Duty Mobile! 🙂

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