Call of the Dead Remastered in Black Ops 3 Zombies is FINALLY HERE by CopForThat and his team!
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11 years after the original release, Call of the Dead has finally been faithfully remastered in Black Ops 3 Zombies by a small group of modding legends. This Call of the Dead Remaster contains the ENTIRE original map exactly how it was in Black Ops 1, with very little changes made to enhance the Call of the Dead experience and bring a Zombies Chronicles level of quality to Black Ops 3 that Treyarch has yet to do with this legendary map. We have George Romero, we have the VR-11, we have the Scavenger, we have the full Easter Egg, we even have some new surprises along the way as well… I really hope you all thoroughly enjoy this incredible remake. It is truly a masterpiece and amazing that a small team can create something that is indistinguishable from what Treyarch would have done themselves.

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