This Faith Build Is INSANE… Incantation Only No Hit Run

Just as new updates are shaking up the Elden Ring Meta we’re finding some hidden gems in the far corners of the Lands Between… This run is part of a challenge I’m doing to complete multiple different no-hit runs with weapons that my viewers request. I am trying to complete all 40 that have been requested before 2023. So far, 36 of 40 runs have been done in the last 6 weeks.

Table Of Contents

Link to full run:

Challenge run list:

Rules: Complete the game while not taking any staggers or damage from enemies or traps. Environmental or self hits/damage are allowed, including fall damage. There is a required death at the beginning of the game which is not counted as a hit because it is needed for progression.

0:00 Intro & Set Up
3:55 Commander O’Neil
5:17 Bernahl, Anastasia and all the Talismans
7:02 Erdtree Avatar
7:51 Margit
9:08 Demi-Human Queen Gilika
9:58 Godrick
11:04 Radahn
12:06 Millicent Quest
14:32 Guardian Golem
15:56 Draconic Tree Sentinel
16:56 Golden Godfrey
17:58 Morgott
20:05 Fire Giant
21:40 Godskin Duo
24:20 Maliketh
25:58 Gideon
28:02 Radagon & Elden Beast