These Pros Are Racing To 1 MILLION Arena Points… AGAIN!

In this video, I react to the new Chapter 4 arena race to 1 MILLION ARENA POINTS! Now, this is not actually the first arena race to 1 million points as it originally happened in Chapter 3 with Bhronos and Claw. That arena race actually ended with Claw winning and becoming the first ever player in the world to hit 1 million arena points (he also set the arena point record for most arena points in a season). Well, ladies and gentleman, Bhronos decided to step up to the plate again for some revenge and race another arena grinder named 2xBrando to 1 million points… AGAIN. So yeah, let me know who you think will win and how many arena points you have. Also go check the arena grinders out since they are literally always streaming and grinding for more points, but other than that, LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!

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