The Most OP Spell That You've Never Heard Of… Sorcery Only No Hit Run

This Gem of a Spell was hidden in the depths of Elden Rings Underground all along just waiting to be found… This run is part of a challenge I’m doing to complete multiple different no-hit runs with weapons that my viewers request. I am trying to complete all 40 that have been requested before 2023. So far, 36 of 40 runs have been done in the last 8 weeks.

Table Of Contents

Link to full run:

Challenge run list:

Rules: Complete the game while not taking any staggers or damage from enemies or traps. Environmental or self hits/damage are allowed, including fall damage. There is a required death at the beginning of the game which is not counted as a hit because it is needed for progression.

0:00 Intro
1:01 Night’s Cavalry
1:45 Sellia, Town of Sorcery
2:54 The Bugs & Critters Incident
3:48 Draconic Tree Sentinel
5:15 Nox Duo
7:40 Deathbird
10:47 Crystalian Duo
13:40 Erdtree Avatar
15:07 Margit
16:37 Godrick
18:03 Demi-Human Queen Gilika
19:12 Godefroy the Grafted
21:17 Radahn
22:28 Golden Godfrey
23:28 Morgott
25:35 Fire Giant
27:44 Godskin Duo
29:07 Maliketh
30:40 Gideon
31:48 Hoarah Loux
33:04 Ulcerated Tree Spirit
34:44 Royal Knight Loretta
35:27 Onyx Lord
36:14 Radagon & Elden Beast