The BEST Fail & Fun Moments of 2022 – Dota 2

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ES_Bring Out the Love by Gavin Luke
ES_Clever Girl by Gavin Luike
ES_Feeling Alright by Gavin Luke
ES_Jubilation by Gavin Luke
ES_Let’s Bounce by Gavin Luke
ES_A Walk In The Park 3 by Martin Gauffin
ES_Wild Side by Gavin Luke
ES_Camptown Races
ES_Crossing Manhattan 1 by Martin Gauffin
ES_Funny Times 3 by Martin Klem
ES_Gallop by Andres Ekengren
ES_Glitz At The Ritz 2 by Gavin Luke
ES_Jumping Cricket 1 by Martin Gauffin
ES_Nacho Cheese 1 by Gavin Luke
ES_Neighbours Argue 5 by Magnus Ringblom
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