Spectating Random Diamond Players On Apex Legends Ranked PART 19 (Educational Commentary)

Spectating Random DIAMINF Players On Apex Legends Ranked PART 19 (Educational Commentary)

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Maybe we could of done more spectating, but this episode was able to teach a ton. This ranked split has been really sweaty and intense. Lots to share!!

Some tips & takeaways!

– understanding your role
– warm up but don’t obsess about aim
– Positioning is key
– Hold crosses with your teammates
– Don’t linger mid game
– Be confident & bold with decisions
– Understand if you are anchor, support, or entry
– Once you got points, don’t get greedy


00:00 Spectating Random Players Season 16 Intro
01:30 Spectating Series Game #1
21:43 Spectating Series Game #2
45:00 Outro Spectating Series



– Don’t want to throw my games (But do want to spectate and see how the whole lobby plays out)
– There is not a “no-fill option”
– This series format is long (Comments seem to enjoy the length, so keeping it a longer length)
– Record at odd hours (Why I do Randoms)
– My goal is to educate and see how a FULL lobby plays out
– Video authenticity and recording raw mistakes or good play is the goal

Edy’s channel for all his amazing thumbnail work on the channel: https://www.youtube.com/@_edy/

Apex Legends Season 16 Buffs, Nerfs, News, Launch Content: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_waWDJmtQZNXGze_pPlaVH7xAJpYwCld

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