Sheriff's Revenge – Ultimate Minecraft Cartoons

In this episode of the Ultimate Minecraft Cartoons, a peaceful town is raided by some bandits. The sheriff is bound to put a stop to it! More Minecraft Animations coming soon!

Table Of Contents

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A Cartoon by
Cas van de Pol
Connor Murphy –

Storyboarded by
Connor Murphy –

Backgrounds by
Anna Engels –

Animated by
Erwin Langstraat – /
Geoffrey Armfield –
Jamie de Jonge –
Nicolas Gonzalez –
Lucas Kozuki –
Aris Kolaretakis –
Cas van de Pol

Rigs by
Nicolas Gonzalez –

Music by
bb tombo –
Robert Jung –
Ride of the Valkyries – Wagner (from Lud and Schlatts Musical Emporium)

Sound design by
Braden Whiteside –
Taft Marz –
Robert Jung –

Composited by
Thijs Viegers –
Ben Vinkenburg –
Pepijn Hikspoors –
Cas van de Pol

Voiced work by
Pepijn Hikspoors –
Christopher Yeh –
Robert Jung –
Joe Porter –

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