POV: The Whole Lobby Hates You

POV: The Whole Lobby Hates You
Apex Legends Season 16 Revelry
Edited by: https://twitter.com/KentoCantTweet
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Stuff I use:
Mouse: Pulsar X-lite V2 heavy – or – Zowie EC2 twitter.com/MandeOW/status/1464214525289373731?cxt=HHwWxoC57cvW99EoAAAA
Keyboard: https://twitter.com/AZP3CT_FPS/status/1605282593699946498
Monitor: First monitor: BenQ Zowie XL 2546k | Second monitor: 👽 Alienware aw2521h
Gaming PC: Ryzen 5900x, RTX 3090, 32gb RAM 3600MHz
Stream PC: I9 12900k, RTX 3080, 32gb RAM 3600MHz
Sens: Apex: 1.5 in-game, 800 dpi, ads 1 / controller 3-2 classic Valorant: 0.41
Everything is on low and shadows off
About me
How old are you? – 25
From? – Denmark
How tall are you? – 6’5 or 195 cm
What is your favorite Video-Game? – Apex Legends
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