Nadia: Call of Duty Warzone’s Biggest Cheater

Nadia: Call of Duty Warzone’s Biggest Cheater

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Nadia is a Call of Duty player who is known for being pretty good at the game. However, what first looked to be another good player at the game turned into someone mired in controversy, with multiple people claiming that she’s a massive cheater who’s manipulated her way into the scene of a lie. Today we’ll take a look into Nadia and her internet career thus far, and see if she truly is a massive cheat, or just someone caught up in yet another internet hate train.

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00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Internet Blowup & Allegations
07:14 – A (Un)lucky Interview
13:34 – A Shattering Façade
18:55 – Thoughts & Outro