Modern Warfare 2: 21 Secret Changes Infinity Ward Didn't Tell You About (S1R Update Stealth Changes)

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Well, the trend continues… COD adding stuff in that’s not mentioned on the patch notes with an update? Who would have guessed it? Today we’re breaking down the stealth changes you may have missed. From finally being able to create your own custom blueprints, new free content, maps being released in private match early and more, Modern Warfare 2 dropped a decent amount of things under the radar. So, as we go along, drop your thoughts below, any of these you find yourself? Like any of the stealth changes? Whatever the case, drop your thoughts below. If you enjoy the video, drop a like and if you’re new to the channel and you’d like to stay on top of all things Modern Warfare 2, hit that subscribe button to join us on the road to 600,000 subscribers. For now, let’s take a look at the stealth changes of Update 1.12…

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00:00 – Intro
00:38 – A “New” Map Was Added to Private Matches
01:16 – 2 New Free Gift Packs Added in the Modern Warfare 2 Shop
01:51 – Custom Blueprint Saves are Now Live in Modern Warfare 2 / Warzone 2
03:12 – A Pair of New War Tracks Have Been Added to Modern Warfare 2
03:58 – Weapon Challenge Pop Ups Now Denote What Challenge Was Completed
04:32 – New Firing Range UI Elements
04:38 – New UI To Mute Players in Game in Modern Warfare 2
05:02 – New Squad Totals in Warzone 2 Scoreboards
05:16 – New Lobby Members Button for Modern Warfare 2 / Warzone 2
05:44 – New “You Are Not the Party Leader” Notice in Modern Warfare 2
05:53 – New “Quit To Desktop” UI Element in Modern Warfare 2
05:59 – Private Matches Have Been Fixed When Ending in Modern Warfare 2
06:26 – New CDL Moshpit Create a Classes Specific for the Mode
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07:52 – Unintentional Bugs As a Result of Update 1.12 in Modern Warfare 2
08:02 – Camo Progression is Not Tracking for Some
08:20 – Buy Stations Were Decreased in Mass Amounts in Warzone 2
08:24 – Perks Are Broken Still in Warzone 2
09:00 – Camos Blind You in Create a Class in Modern Warfare 2
09:08 – Crashes & Fixes That Still Are Yet to Come…
10:06 – Thanks for Watching! Subscribe, like & Comment!