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I expose Rogan for turning on a blatant aimbot, also expel and emisguilty are up to no good.
I also expose Expel @ExpelGG, as he continues to cheat his way through warzone solo’s by using glitches that have not, and will never get patched and he manipulates the exploit to gain a quick, unfair advantage over other players.
He also continues to team during solos.
Emisguilty is also called out.
I touch on my previous live stream.

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I have take the original POV from the streamers in question, overlayed the minimap so it captures complete gaming footage correctly.
For the first time, the streamers and simps have no defence.

I will never use or download cheats, we have investigators who provide us raw footage.
We track down the POV and compile a video for the viewer to decide if cheats are active or not.

#mw2 #cod #callofduty #streamers #fortnite #warzone #apexlegends

This series will contain @Swagg @imnadia @nicmercs8503 @timthetatman @JoeWo @FaZeClan @OpTicGaming @100Thieves and many many more.

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