It’s come to this…

I Gave a Subscriber $10,000 For Building This in the finale of the Mustard Mayhem tournament!

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Watch the first round here:

HUGE shout out to the map makers who build the maps in this video be sure to use their codes in the item show. You can go play them now!

SVENP – 6891-2908-9825
TWIN – 1822-2019-3953
TACT – 1832-6387-1695
IMMATURE – 1065-4767-8152
RYNEX – 5009-6648-6804
404CREATIVE – 8113-8604-5539
ENIGMA – 1985-5681-3389
2NDPLACER – 0464-1483-3395
HANNAH – 2403-8061-6988
EOS-GAMES – 8435-5115-0692
FINALE MAP – 2169-5424-1241

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