How Fishy On Me Ruined Tiko's YouTube Career

Fishy On Me, the legendary Fortnite song created by Tiko that broke the internet in 2020. The song got stuck in the heads of popular streamers like Ninja, created a trend of disstracks, and even resulted in an all-out war between the Fishy Army and the Banana Army, but the hype surrounding Tiko and Fishy On Me seems to have faded nowadays. Tiko is starting to pursue a professional music career more and more over time, and it seems like his YouTube channel is taking a hit because of it. So is this the downfall of Tiko? And what even happened to him? Well, watch until the end his story to find out! I hope you enjoy the video and be sure to leave a like if you do!

Table Of Contents


00:00 – How Tiko Got Started
03:32 – The Rise And Fall Of Tiko
06:52 – Will Tiko Quit YouTube?


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