Horizon Forbidden West – Game Review

Horizon Forbidden West Ingame View

If you’re looking for an action RPG game that offers a lot of variety, look no further than Horizon Forbidden West. You’ll be in for a treat with its dynamic combat, architecture, and vegetation. You’ll also be impressed by its stealth mechanics and excellent weight in melee combat. You can unlock combos and unleash powerful attacks that will prove invaluable against rebel champions that wield energy shields.


There are several different types of sidequests in Horizon Forbidden West. While some sidequests are unimportant and do not have a lasting impact, others provide a lot of character development. One sidequest involves repairing the town’s water supply.

At the same time, another requires the player to choose a side in an internal power struggle. Although neither sidequest dramatically impacts the plot, they make the game more interesting.

Sidequests in Horizon Forbidden West are generally longer than Main Quests, but they can be shorter than Errands. Depending on the type of quest, a side quest can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Many of these quests involve helping someone in need or facing rugged machines.

They are a great way to earn skill points and can be very rewarding. In addition, they can lead to the completion of unique face paints or rare outfits. Some side quests can even be linked to other side quests.

There are dozens of sidequests in Horizon Forbidden West. The first one, called The Roots That Bind, takes players through the mountains north of Plainsong. It features two tough fights and a lengthy platforming section but also offers a stealth segment.

Another side quest is called “The Way Home.” In “The Way Home,” Aloy must override the Sunwing machine and rescue two Quen navigators. This is a critical quest as it teaches Aloy about the history and culture of the Otaru. Furthermore, this side quest rewards the player with Kue’s Sharpshot Bow, a powerful weapon in the early game.


Combat in Horizon Forbidden West is fast and fun, and the game offers various weapons. The most common weapon is a bow; getting accurate shots at the enemy’s weak points is essential to defeating them quickly. Other weapons include bombs and throwable spears. Another great weapon is the Tripcaster, a methodical weapon that lays wire traps to slow down opponents.

In Horizon Forbidden West, combat takes place across a vast open world. Players can fight against land creatures, flying enemies, and monsters. Other enemies include Snapmaws and burrowers. The game also allows for a wide variety of play styles, and players should choose a style that suits their preferences.

The game’s environment is constantly changing. Climate change and human activity continue to damage the world, so the Forbidden West environment reflects this. The game features a variety of vistas and landscapes, with parts of the United States completely changed. If you love exploration and action games, Horizon Forbidden West is the one for you.

Horizon Forbidden West features a unique combat system, which features all disciplines and skill trees. This unique combat system makes for a fun, immersive experience and provides passive and active benefits for the player. And while the game has yet to be available, it is scheduled to be released on PS4 and PS5 sometime in 2022.

The combat system in Horizon Forbidden West could have used a few more melee weapons. While Aloy primarily relies on her spear for melee attacks, it would have been better if the game offered a variety of light and heavy weapons. The game could also have added stealth and explosive weapons.


Forbidden West is a solid RPG that adopts Mass Effect 2’s mechanics and is a solid addition to the series. The game’s story and dialogue are engaging, and the gameplay loop is addictive. Still, the game does suffer from a few flaws.

First, the game is enormous. It has a vast world, a diverse set of environments, and a unique story. The characters are likable, and the plot is exciting and quest-filled. In addition, the game mechanics are simple and easy to grasp, which makes it easy to play. It’s easy to get lost in the game’s expansive world, and the controller interaction is seamless.

Second, Forbidden West avoids exposition potholes, which plagued the previous game Horizon Zero Dawn. The game does a much better job of handling false beliefs. Unlike other games with long information dumps, Forbidden West doesn’t resort to bloated text or audio files.

As mentioned, Horizon Forbidden West has excellent character work and a plotline that pushes Aloy to the limit. However, the story needs to have the emotional depth of Horizon Zero Dawn. The game’s character development is less of a driving force.

The combat is excellent. There are many types of enemies and various skills to choose from. It’s a great experience, and you’ll have fun with it. You can also unlock a variety of combos, which will help you fight against rebel champions who use energy shields.

Voice acting

Noshir Dalal is a veteran video game voice actor bringing his skills to the PlayStation game. He has worked on several plays, including Red Dead Redemption II and Halo Infinite. He is also the voice of Kotallo, the game’s lead character. While his credits are impressive, he’s always managed to stay humble.

The game features several famous Hollywood names, including Angela Bassett, who played Tina Turner in the “Matrix” franchise and played Queen Ramonda in “Black Panther.” Angela Bassett recently made her gaming debut in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Lance Reddick, who plays Sylens, will reprise his role. He is also an accomplished actor whose career spans television and film. He has portrayed many notable characters, including Martin Hatch, in the “Mass Effect” series.

The voice acting in Horizon Forbidden West is impressive. The voice actors bring beloved characters to life with their expressive voices. They work with motion capture technology to create a rich, detailed story for gamers to enjoy. Some notable agents include Carrie-Anne Moss, who has previously acted in the movie “Matrix” and voiced characters in the Mass Effect series.

Voice acting in Horizon Forbidden West is also notable, as many actors have been in many other games. Many are familiar faces from other projects and bring a distinct tone to their roles. Ashly Burch, who voiced Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn, has starred in numerous popular gaming titles.

Horizon Forbidden West boasts a diverse cast of characters. While many of them are returning, others are new to the franchise. As a result, Horizon Forbidden West feels more authentic and alive than most games. In addition to familiar faces, many of the game’s voice actors are well-known in their respective fields.


Horizon Forbidden West is a visually stunning game. It offers various environments similar to those of Horizon Zero Dawn but with a different perspective. The Forbidden West map is filled with towers and mountains that enhance the climbing mechanics of the game. You can also craft and deploy vertical traps, which knock enemies to the ground. These new additions make combat more dynamic and challenging.

The vertical traversal system in Horizon Forbidden West is more complex and has more options than its contemporaries. For instance, you can wall jump, which isn’t like Mario’s wall jump but is an instrumental skill for achieving high ledges. You can also jump backward from ledges, which opens up branching paths. These added movement options are a significant improvement over Zero Dawn.

The verticality in Horizon Forbidden West is an excellent tactical improvement. It gives Aloy an additional advantage during combat, especially when attacking enemies in high places. The Shielding mount gives Aloy more verticality, so she can glide down from high places and strike enemies from above. This new feature has been introduced to improve the game’s gameplay and help it bring ranged and melee combat closer together.

Another great addition to Horizon Forbidden West is the new game+ plus difficulty. You can take on various challenges in this mode, so you’ll need to learn some tips and tricks to survive in this mode. You can also purchase extra weapons with champion tokens, which you earn by completing quests.