Grand Turismo 7 Review

Gran Turismo 7 ingame view

Regarding driving games, Grand Turismo 7 is a real contender. The new version is packed with options and offers excellent photorealism. The game is easy to pick up and play, and it is easy to see why so many people are already hooked on it. Listed below are a few of the game’s pros and cons.

About Grand Turismo 7

If you have been waiting for a new Grand Turismo game for a while, then you’re in luck! The next installment in the popular series will be released on March 4, 2022, for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The game features real-life race tracks, cars, and cutting-edge graphics.

The game has a career mode, which allows players to earn money for upgrades and collectibles. The previous games did not feature this option, but GT7 offers it. Players can build their car’s reputation with earned cash by starting with a cheap Japanese compact. Players can purchase used cars throughout the game and win races to improve their vehicles. The progression system is unchanged, and new features, like mandatory driving schools, and racing championships, will also be present in the game.

Those looking forward to a new Grand Turismo game should be prepared for a big surprise. The game features many new features and will not disappoint. It’s a long-awaited GT game that will offer unparalleled gameplay and stunning graphics. Grand Turismo 7 is currently being developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was initially scheduled for release in 2021 but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The game will include several new cars, new events, new Scapes locations, new physics, and more.

The game’s audio quality is excellent, and the eight-minute cutscenes are a nice touch. The soundtrack complements the driving experience rather than distracts from it. Grand Turismo 7 allows players to customize their audio settings, though most will be happy with the default settings.


Players of Grand Turismo 7 can choose from various real-world and fictional cars. From the latest Porsche 911, GT3 RS to the vintage 1972 Alpine A110 1600S, Grand Turismo 7 is sure to provide a thrilling driving experience. The game’s engine power is expressed in horsepower, with higher numbers meaning faster acceleration. For example, the 2017 Nissan GT-R Premium Edition features a base power rating of 564 HP, while the 2008 Nissan Fairlady Z has 331 HP.

The FF cars in Grand Turismo 7 are easy to drive, making them the perfect choice for first-timers. They tend to understeer a little but are easy to correct. Beginner players should stick to these cars for the game’s first few hours. Some examples of these cars include the 2015 Honda Civic Type R and the 2015 Ford Focus ST.

The game’s cars have been meticulously modeled with Autodesk Maya, and the game’s engine is built to be compatible with them. Some vehicles, such as the Subaru IMPREZA Premium Sport Coupe 22B-STi Version ’98, require extensive rebuilding.

The game’s single-player campaign mode is designed to ease players into single-player action. Players are assigned missions that focus on different themes. These missions are Menu Books and often involve collecting sets of cars with shared traits. The game’s GT Cafe owner offers brief history lessons for each car featured in a Menu Book.

Graphics of Grand Turismo 7

Grand Turismo 7’s graphics are stunning. It features enhanced ray tracing, immaculately detailed vehicles, and a dynamic day and night weather cycle. You can also enjoy the first-person perspective, which gives you an unparalleled sense of depth and detail. Whether playing in your living room or driving your own sports car, you’ll find that the game’s graphics will blow you away.

The graphics of Grand Turismo 7 are generally significant, but there are some areas where it needs to be improved. Although most cars look impressive, some components will only be reflected appropriately on the car’s body. Some sleek sports cars, for example, won’t have proper tire and spoiler reflections. Fortunately, the game does have support for additional updates.

Graphics: While Grand Turismo 7’s drawings could be better, it is good enough to get you through the game without getting frustrated. In fact, the game looks good on the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. On the PS4, the game has a lower resolution, but it is still playable. The full answer on PS4 is 1920 x 1080, while the native 4K on the PS5 looks crisp and detailed.

Graphics and design are also big selling points in Grand Turismo 7. In addition to being visually stunning, Grand Turismo 7’s technical quality is another factor that sets it apart from many other games. It looks great on the PS5, but it could be a better game. It’s still very challenging, and it can sometimes feel crowded and heavy-handed.

Graphic Modes

Graphic Modes in Grand Turismo 7 let you adjust the game’s visuals. These modes allow you to customize the amount of detail you see while racing. They also let you adjust the frame rate and resolution. There are two graphics modes: framerate priority and ray tracing. The former is better for capturing stunning scenery but will decrease your framerate while playing.

Ray Tracing enables you to see details of light refraction and the environment more reasonably. The other mode, Frame Rate, prioritize the game’s frame rate to ensure smooth gameplay. The primary purpose of this mode is to minimize lag and optimize performance for the best visual experience.

Fundamental resolution rain particles are another vital upgrade to this game’s graphics. Previous GT games had low-resolution rain particles that caused mountains of slowdown. Rain in GT7 is realistic, with rain droplets on the car’s windshield and the ground. This mode also improves the quality of shadows, reflections, and other graphic elements.

Grand Turismo 7 also features a photo mode. While racing, you can pause the game and take a picture. Once you’ve finished, you can edit your image in Scapes. The Scapes feature is accessible from the overworld map. If you want, Scapes can be a stand-alone game.

Maps of Grand Turismo 7

Grand Turismo 7 is the latest installment of the GT franchise and will feature more than three dozen tracks. The game also boasts the series’s widest variety of course variations. It will include real-world circuits and reimagined fantasy tracks from the GT series’ past. Grand Turismo 7 will also offer the ability to customize your circuits with weather and other variables.

The game features a dynamic World Map that is your central hub. This map includes 34 racing locations and 400 cars. The game will add more vehicles in future online updates. It also consists of a Legendary Cars shop, a Used Car Dealer, and a Cafe. This map gives you a feel for the world of Grand Turismo 7.

Grand Turismo 7 has many tracks in its career mode and multiplayer modes. You can choose from various races and unlock more cars by completing more campaign events. There are even tracks that support wet weather. This makes Grand Turismo 7 a very realistic game that is perfect for gamers who enjoy competitive racing.

Grand Turismo 7’s campaign mode is similar to previous GT games, where you must complete various objectives to unlock different cars. Some of these objectives include collecting three specific cars, winning a championship, and exploring a new hub. You can also complete a clear goal for each vehicle and reveal its history and designer.


A patch for Grand Turismo 7 Races was released on Thursday. Developer Polyphony Digital promised the changes two weeks ago. The new features aim to address the game’s nagging complaints about its grind and expensive microtransactions. The first batch of changes will increase the rewards for World Circuit campaign races, Arcade races, Custom races, and online races.

Grand Turismo 7 is a decent racing game. Still, it lacks a grand tour, late-game content, expensive cars, and a compelling single-player campaign. The game’s economy is uninspired, and the game’s Menu Books and Missions are dull. This game also needs interesting new ideas. As a result, the user score has dropped significantly.

Those who love racing games will love Grand Turismo 7 Races. It’s the latest installment in the main series of Grand Turismo games. While the underlying mechanics are familiar, the game is now much more realistic. The physics model is better than in previous games, and the tyre models are more accurate than ever. The game also offers drifting, which requires more skill to master.

The new daily races for Grand Turismo 7 include a tuners’ race and an alternative layout circuit. The high-speed ring returns to the track list after its absence in previous versions. The two courses are similar, except the track layout.