Fortnite – Perfect Timing Moments #30 (Shout!, Tootsee, Stay Afloat, The Dance Laroi)

â–ºFortnite – Perfect Timing Moments #30 (Shout!, Tootsee, Stay Afloat, The Dance Laroi)

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Hello guys and my viewers, My name is Miray. I’m recording short perfect timing videos at Fortnite. Then I try to make a nice highlights by combining them. Although it takes a lot of time to do this, I’m happy to have fun with what I do. Youtube is my full time job. So I try to make unique and unique content of high quality. I work 60 hours to make these videos. 30-40 hours of recording, 10-20 hours of editing and 5-10 hours of thumbnail. but I love doing this. Enjoy!

Fortnite Dances In This Video:
Shout!, Tootsee, The Dance Laroi, Stay Afloat, Heart of a King, Warm-Up, Bounce Wit it, The Kid Laroi, Master of Puppets, Lunar Party, My Hero Academia, MrBeast, Tornado Spin, Get Griddy, Steady, Moster Mash, Feel The Flow, Pump Me Up, Pick Me Up, Copines, Jiggle Jiggle, Syphe’s Strut, Dirtbike Challenge, Side Shuffle, Ready Up, Forget Me Not, Drippin’ Flavor, Disctraction Dance, The Pollo Dance, It’s a Vibe, Boogie Down, Scenario, Work it Out, Electro Swing, Billy Bounce, In Da Party, My World, Last Forever, Hey Now!, Bring It Around, Rollie, Dance Monkey.

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