Far Cry 4 – Easy Tips and Tricks How to WIN the Game

Far Cry 4 Ingame Cinematic

Far Cry 4 – Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a total beginner, it’s always fun to try something new. If you are looking for a game that can keep you occupied for hours, try Far Cry 4. It’s a game that will give you a fun experience as you take control of various weapons and upgrades to battle your way to victory.


Using a gyrocopter in Far Cry 4 can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. These tiny flying vehicles can scout sniping locations or chuck grenades at guards. However, you’ll have to be careful when flying this gadget.

A Buzzer is a reasonably small gyrocopter based on a real-life Bensen B-8M autogyro. This little gem can fly at a moderate altitude and is much more mobile than the average rickshaw. The buzzer also has a nifty little dashboard that blinks if you happen to be flying it at a high altitude.

A few gyrocopters dotted around the map, usually near radio towers or outposts. There are more valuable ways to get around, but it can get you there faster and with more enthusiasm than most other vehicles. This is the way to go if you’re looking to complete a mission and don’t want to waste time jumping around.

The most impressive gyrocopter in Far Cry 4 is the TUK600, which is a pretty mental rickshaw. It’s got a widget in the back that shoots flames and can pull wheelies if you’re feeling a bit reckless. It’s also a ridiculous vehicle in the game, which is a good thing.

The best part about using a gyrocopter in Farcry 4 is that you’re not stuck inside a tiny vehicle and can take your chances soaring over the rugged terrain of Kyrat. These flying vehicles also have several other tricks up their sleeves. For instance, you can use the gyrocopter to drop a C4 into a lake and even crash into a base.

The TUK600 is the sexiest flying vehicle in Far Cry 4 and the most fun to drive. You can pull wheelies and the biggest tricks in the game, and if you want to get the most out of this little vehicle, you’ll need to put your skills to the test. The TUK600 also has the shortest path to completing any mission, but you’ll have to kill many animals first to achieve this.

Weapons and upgrades

Throughout Far Cry 4, players can upgrade weapons. Each weapon has three upgrades. Each upgrade will alter the weapon’s base stats and add new effects. The gun will be equipped with the original upgrade if the promotion is unavailable.

A weapon can be upgraded unlimited times for free. The weapons are unlocked through gameplay or enemies. The guns can also be purchased with currency. There are also paint schemes available for each gun.

The Ripper is the signature LMG weapon in Far Cry 4. This weapon has the most power of any LMG in the game and can be used to take on the Outposts. Its recoil is low, and it comes with extended magazines. It also comes with an optical scope. It can also be upgraded to have a suppressor.

The Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer is a variant of the Mauser C96. It features a detachable box magazine. It has an 8-round capacity and a flared-out mag well. It also has a reflex sight. It can mount two accessories.

The SIG SG 553 is a step up from the AK. It can mount two open reflex sights. It also comes with a suppressor and can mount an extended magazine. It is not the most accurate SMG in the game.

The Agram 2000 is a standard secondary weapon for snipers. It can mount optics and boosts all stats except fire rate. It can also be upgraded to have a red dot sight. It has a light grey heat shield and a classic color scheme. It can also be upgraded to have cluster missiles.

The Lk-108 is a tad unwieldy but can be used to fire cluster missiles. It is a good weapon for close combat. It can be upgraded to have a red dot scope. It comes with six bullets.

The MP5N is a handy weapon but is also the only one with an incorrect charging handle. It features an “HK slap” reload when the magazine is empty. It also features a strange rear sight.

Mission design

Whether you’re a Far Cry 4 fan or not, you’ll need to know a few things about the game’s mission design. It’s a lot of fun but also imposes some natural limitations. For one, Ubisoft has yet to abandon the open-world structure of its past titles. They’ve taken criticism and refocused their efforts.

The most important thing to know about Far Cry 4’s mission design is that it can extend beyond one story. There are multiple missions to complete, and the next one could appear randomly. The game’s primary mission has several choices, such as rescuing a hostage, protecting an outpost, or defending your base from the tyrannical Cult Leader.

Far Cry’s mission design is a bit too similar to its predecessor. In addition to the exact locations on the map, you’ll need to solve puzzles and earn points to advance. This is all well and good, but the game’s design relies too much on the same old things.

The Far Cry 4 team is working hard to make its missions memorable. It’s still early days, but it’s safe to say they’ve got their work cut out for them. For example, in one mission, you’ll need to infiltrate an outpost and take out the Cult Leader. You’ll need to use different types of weapons, and you’ll also need to wear armor.

Another mission feature is the ability to move from one position to another. The game has an impressive sound design, but it can take time to tell where you’re going from one place to the next. You can also hover in a gyrocopter and drop explosives.

The game also has a lot of other systems to occupy your time. The most interesting ones aren’t the most practical, though. The AA guns and road spikes are a blast, but they add hours to your playtime.

The game also has a well-researched and well-developed narrative, and some of the more wacky characters and storylines will have you laughing out loud. Far Cry has some genuinely impressive mission design, but it’s also too much of a retread.


Getting the best loot in Far Cry 4 can be an adventure. The game offers multiple loot crates, side missions, and convoys to keep players busy. It is also set in the fictional Himalayan country of Kyrat.

This game has plenty of content to keep players alive for at least three hours. It also has a fun map editor that allows players to share and publish their maps. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Far Cry experience.

It is recommended to use only some of the available items. Some items are worth more than others. If you have a lot of animal skins, you can sell them for cash. Also, you can use them to upgrade your equipment instantly. You can sell them at the general store with a green handgun icon on its front.

The best way to earn cash is by hunting. The game has fifteen different kinds of animals to hunt. You can also fish. This is a great way to spend some time outdoors.

The game also features a gyrocopter that moves like a floating boulder. This can be very useful for snipers to sneak up on smaller outposts. In addition, the M-79 grenade launcher can knock out smaller outposts. If you can ride an odd pachyderm, you will also be able to kill enemies more efficiently.

You can also find collectibles and other items at local locations. These places are usually located in the pockets of enemies or holy sites. These areas can also house treasure boxes that can be opened for additional items.

In addition, you can also find prepper stashes, which can be used to store things. These locations can be accessed by completing side missions. Those side missions are the key to leveling your character. You will need a character with two stealth skills to progress.

It is also important to level up your talents. You can gain new skills by completing side missions and opening talent trees. These talents include the ability to reload while sprinting, increased health, and the ability to take out two enemies stealthily.