Epic Games Review

Epic Games Review

Epic Games has launched a randomised game rating and poll feature, hoping to prevent review bombing. The system requires users to play the game for at least two hours and then answer a quick question about it.

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This information is used to build a database of tags for the game. The questions can include everything from multiplayer games to combat in a specific game.

OC3D Forums

A hacker has compromised the Epic Games forums. The hack is similar to previous security breaches at other websites, such as Oracle EBusiness Suite 11i and SAP HANA in-memory management systems. The company has notified all affected members and recommended that they change their passwords.

However, Epic Games has not revealed how much information has been compromised or how much data was leaked. The company is working to make the forums secure again, and will send notifications to affected users.

Hackers usually have big reasons to attack a site. They may be after financial gain or to wreak havoc. If you’re a frequent visitor of an Epic Games Forums site, you’ll need to make sure your password is secure.

Reusing passwords will expose your information to hackers, so make sure to update it regularly.

There are several metaverse platforms under development. One of them is called Rival Peaks. It’s modeled after Netflix’s Bandersnatch, which connects users with content creators and builds organic communities around favorite pastimes.

Unlike other forums, there are no governing bodies for these environments, so there are no privacy protections. However, the Forums’ unofficial body, The Metaverse Standards Forum, is a good first step to ensure that your privacy is protected.

The Epic Games Store has many advantages over Steam. Not only does it allow developers to create their own community, but it also provides developers with an avenue to promote their games.

In addition to a public Trello roadmap, the Epic Games Store has mod support and other features. It’s a great way to get your hands on the latest games and avoid paying Steam prices.

OC3D Podcast

The OC3D Podcast recently reviewed a game called Ninety Nine Nights. It’s an epic game with plenty of enemies to face. You can learn more about it in the review below.

There’s also a Twitter account and a help quick link. If you have any questions, you can contact them on those social media accounts.