Elden Ring – Where to Get OP Weapons EARLY | BROKEN TALISMANS | ASH OF WAR | GIGA Tips Guide

This is the ULTIMATE guide to getting OVER 20 STRONG weapons at the START of the game with ZERO combat needed for most! Also get the MOST BROKEN item in the game, in merely 10 minutes! 2 POWERFUL Ashes of war too! This is all you need, in one video!

Table Of Contents

Thanks to Bandai Namco for the PC Code! http://spr.ly/EldenRingYT

00:00 Intro blah blah
0:55 Get Horse
1:38 Starting Map Goodies
3:13 Uchigatana Location
4:06 Bottom Map Goodies
4:49 Flames of Frenzy Route
5:30 2nd Sacred Tear
5:57 Erdleaf Farm
6:09 Winged Scythe
6:32 Zwei and 3rd Tear
7:56 Beginning Red Map
8:14 Meteoric Staff and Guts Sword Route
10:22 Meteoric Ore Blade
11:03 Gael Tunnel Route
12:05 OP Ashes of Wat? WAR!
14:03 Talismans
14:29 BROKEN OP Talisman MUST HAVE
15:39 Marika Scarseal
16:45 Boss/Unique Weapons

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