Elden Ring Lore | Dung Eater and The Omen Curse

The Dung Eater is one of the most sinister characters in all of Soulsborne history and yet there is far more to him than meets the eye. The Greater Will has chosen him to play a role in the coming days and through him we may better understand the Omen Condition and the nature of the ‘curse’.

Table Of Contents

Intro: 0:00
The Age of the Crucible: 2:45
The Omen: 16:36
The Dung Eater: 29:16
The Omen Curse: 50:02
Omen Killers: 1:01:18
Age of Despair: 1:08:53

This is an extremely expansive video that not only looks at The Dung Eater and the Omen but also covers the following subjects: Morgott, Mohg, the Crucible, The Crucible Knights, Godfrey, Misbegotten, Leyndell, Shunning Grounds, The Age of Despair, Godwyn, Those who live in death, the Wraith Callers, Revenants, Death Hex Magic and more!

Shout out to Lokey for their insights and translations.

Reddit Post on Dung Eater Japanese Origins: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eldenring/comments/u2yl2w/the_japanese_origins_of_the_dung_eater/

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Lokey Abyssal Archive: https://www.abyssalarchive.com/

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