Dark Souls 2 – Bandai Namco Game Review

Dark Souls 2

Developed by FromSoftware, Dark Souls 2 is a role-playing action game released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows. Bandai Namco Games published it.


Adaptability is one of the new stats in Dark Souls 2 and one of the more important stats. It is kind of like Resistance in DS1. Adaptability is the new Agility and has a ton of different effects. It raises various attributes and increases speed and maneuverability. It is also a useful stat for increasing Agility and poise.

Having a good build with the right stats is important to make your character perform. Each class has its own set of stats that you should focus on. Some are better suited to a melee build, while others are better suited for a more battlemage-like build.

There are eight character classes in Dark Souls 2. Each has its own set of stats. For example, the Knight class is best suited for a melee build. They also start with a decent armor set. However, they don’t start with a shield.

The Knight class also features a high amount of strength. They also start with a Broadsword. They also have a high level of faith. This faith improves their bleed damage and defense against petrify. It also has the cool effect of increasing their damage output with the lightning spell.

It’s also good to have a decent amount of Luck. Having Luck increases the number of items that drop. It also increases your equipment load. Having a Dragon Ring can also increase your equipment load.

The Adaptable (ADP) is a good start for a melee build. It increases Agility and raises your shield slightly. However, it is hard to increase Agility after the 110-point mark.

The Adaptable (ADP) also helps increase the Poison Bonus of your character. It also has the cool effect of improving your overall HP. It also improves the action speed of your character.

Lore and story

Whether or not you’re a fan of Dark Souls 2, it’s easy to overlook its extensive lore and story. The series’ mythology is based on aspects of historical mythology. The game also features foreboding hallways, unforgiving combat, and dreadful enemies.

The story is a lot more direct than in the first game. The game starts thousands of years after the original, with players waking up in the Undead Asylum. It’s not until halfway through the game that one of the bosses becomes a super version of itself.

One of the most important figures in Dark Souls’ lore is Gwyn. A long time ago, Gwyn was the mightiest of gods. He was the one who linked fire at the Kiln of First Flame. He was also the one who created Manscorpion Tark. Seth was another of Gwyn’s creations.

The Old Iron King is another major figure in the lore. The Old Iron King holds the Lord Soul of Gwyn and the fragment and lord soul of Search. He’s fought with Nito and the Witch of Izalith against everlasting dragons.

Gwyndolin’s Blades of the Darkmoon are an important counter to the Darkwraiths. These creatures collect humanity for Kaathe, a Darkwraith god.

Dark Souls 2 takes place on a different conceptual level than the first game. This means that the lore and story aren’t as important in Dark Souls 3 as in the original. However, it’s possible to skip over the story in Dark Souls 2 to understand the core story of other games.

One thing to remember is that the lore and story of a game aren’t just a set of things to look for. It’s also a way for the game to present itself. A game with a good backbone will keep players coming back for more.

Map design

Unlike Dark Souls, the map design of Dark Souls 2 does not hold the player’s hand. Rather, the game relies on a network of interconnected zones to create a sense of place and context.

The opening sequence shows the player’s position in the world. It also introduces major characters, such as the king and the windmill. The game also introduces Power Standing, which is an innovative combat mechanic.

The map design of Dark Souls 2 is a little less well-thought-out than the original. The map is made up of four geographically disparate areas that are connected by an elevator. Several other features also interconnect the map. It also boasts several bonfires that are best left in place after a grueling encounter.

The forest of fallen giants features evidence of an ancient conflict. It also contains withered sleeping giants. It also has a few of the typical dark soul’s shortcuts.

The Forest of Fallen Giants was one of the first areas created during development. It’s also the first to be shown in a video game. The Forest of Fallen Giants also has the best hub area in the game.

Dark Souls 2 has one of the best difficulty levels of the trilogy. The game is not as challenging as the most popular titles in the series, but it’s still a challenge. There are also a few worthwhile shortcuts.

The map isn’t the only reason to play Dark Souls 2. A few of the other features of the game, including the game’s unique music and sound effects, help to make the experience as immersive as possible. The game also features a competitive scene.

Co-op and competitive multiplayer

Earlier this year, Bandai Namco shut down the Dark Souls online multiplayer servers. The company has not revealed when these services will be reinstated. However, it did promise to fix the exploit that pulled the servers down in the first place. This exploit was a security flaw that allowed hackers to access the user’s login information.

While this may not seem like a big deal to some, it’s a big deal to Dark Souls fans. The franchise’s PvP mode was one of its most popular features. It allowed players to invade players or helpers.

The game also introduced a nifty system called a Covenant. This optional side mechanic rewards duelists who complete certain tasks. This includes killing an area boss and gaining a Sunlight medal.

One of the features of the system is that it allows players to craft messages. These messages will help other players and could also be detrimental to them. These messages can be crafted from the player menu. They usually contain useful information.

The main advantage of this system is that it can improve online interaction. It’s not completely intuitive, though. This can make it difficult for friends to play together.

The system also has a few bugs, including a glitch that could instill characters in the vicinity of rolling opponents. Hopefully, this will be addressed in future patches.

In short, the new multiplayer system is a big improvement over the old one. It provides better PvP and cooperative gameplay. It also fixes some of the bugs that plagued the game’s previous versions.

The game also features a new ‘Way of Multiplayer,’ which combines some features of Dark Souls’ previous multiplayer modes.


Despite being one of the most popular gaming series of all time, Dark Souls has been criticized for its difficulty. Players have criticized the game for having a learning curve and unfair difficulty spikes. It is also known for its ridiculous number of deaths. However, the difficulty of Dark Souls is not as overwhelming as many fans think.

The difficulty of Dark Souls 2 is arguably the easiest in the series. While this is not true of the original game, the sequel offers players a streamlined game and a much more fluid and smoother combat system.

The difficulty of Dark Souls 2 varies from player to player. Some players feel the game is too easy, while others believe it is the hardest in the series. This article will discuss why some players find the game difficult while others find it easy.

The combat system has a learning curve. Players must learn the tactics and patterns that will help them advance through the game. They must also handicap their healing items and ranged attack options.

Dark Souls II bosses are notorious for being solitary and difficult. They usually have tough patterns and odds. Players will need to learn how to survive against these bosses.

Dark Souls 2 also contains a very large number of bosses. The game has over thirty bosses. Each one has its unique design and gameplay mechanics. The hardest bosses include Pontiff Sulyvahn and the Nameless King.

The difficulty of Dark Souls 2 also varies depending on how much players have invested in the game. Players who have been through the game can usually get a few extra souls from enemies, making it easier to complete.