Can You Beat Elden Ring As The God Of War?

Kratos is back at it again to take on yet another pantheon of Gods.

Table Of Contents

All Mods Used In The Run

First Kratos Model –

Remove Player Skin (Prevents Clipping) –

First Blades Of Chaos Models –
(Also I used a program called “Yapped 1.0.8” to edit these values to give the blades a more glowy effect)
weapon vfx 0: 303001
weapon vfx 1: 303001
weapon vfx 2: 303001
weapon vfx 3: 303001
weapon vfx 1 position: 100
weapon vfx 2 position: 110
weapon vfx 3 position: 120
weapon vfx 4 position: 130

First Leviathan Axe Model –

The Rest Of The Mods (From Thor On And These Do Cost Money But Everything Above Is Free) –