Can You Beat DARK SOULS 1 With Only Scythes?


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Dark Souls has scythes, but it also technically DOESN’T have scythes…I guess they’re considered halberds now? But don’t confuse that with the Scythe in the game that’s actually a bardiche.

…uh…just…just watch the video. It’s clearer there, I promise.

Can you beat Dark Souls 1 with just Scythes? Probably. But it’s always fun to do these kind of weapon showcases.

|| MUSIC ||
Goron Village – Zelda Majora’s Mask
Captain – Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
The Rain Formerly Known as Purple – Risk of Rain 2
Pirates – Zelda Windwaker
Night – Bugdom
Shamburger – Age of Empires 2
Pale Watchers – Bastion
Pond – Bugdom
Katana Zero – Katana Zero
Stickerbush Symphony – Donkey Kong Country 2
Boss Room Calm – Zelda Twilight Princess

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