Can ANY 5 Bosses Defeat Prime Fire Giant? – Elden Ring

In this elden ring video I’m testing whether any 5 bosses in elden ring can defeat the fire giant in his prime. I decided to use the 2nd phase of the fire giant as he has more hp and uses fire more often and I powered him up big increasing his hp, poise and resistances. Now he has 500 poise, 50k hp
and i tripled his fire resistance and doubled all other resistances.

Table Of Contents


0:00 Intro
0:35 Godrick
2:10 Radahn
2:49 Morgott
4:07 Godskin Duo
5:34 Fortissax
7:18 Astel
10:44 Rennala
12:37 Gideon Ofnir
13:37 Godfrey
14:30 Radagon
15:19 Mohg
17:00 Hoarah Loux
17:56 Placidusax
21:06 Maliketh
21:41 Malenia

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