Black Ops 3 in 2023 is the BEST Call of Duty

In this video I show off how Black Ops 3 is holding up here in 2023! This is the BEST Call of Duty in my opinion from the ZOMBIES, to the MULTIPLAYER, the experience is unmatched! What do you think is the BEST Call of Duty?Thank you for watching my video, I appreciate the support!
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Table Of Contents

► COD 4 on the Wii in 2023:

► Black Ops on the Wii in 2023:

► Advanced Warfare in 2023 is BETTER than MW2:

► CoD Ghosts in 2023:

► BLACK OPS 2 in 2023 is HACKED:

► BLACK OPS ZOMBIES on the iPhone

► Outro song from Memoria Xi / Daks9k:
Memoria XI – “Grammy”

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