Some of the Best Old Games Available on the Internet

Best Old Games - Man Playing something on PC

Here are some of the best old games available on the internet you can play. If you’re into video games and are looking for some classics to play, you might want to look at some of the best old games available on the internet. Some of the most iconic titles include the original arcade game Ms. Pac-Man, which was so popular that it was produced in the US. This game was known for its challenging levels and four players crowding around the cabinet.


One of the Best Old Games you can play. If you’re looking for an old-school game with a distinctly old-school appeal, Puppeteer might be the one for you. This classic romp will transport you back to your childhood, letting you experience the wonders of puppetry first-hand.

Playing as a puppeteer, you’ll fight pirates, evade mad scientists, and leap from playing cards. In a game of this type, every frame is filled with something different.

This 2D platformer has a wonderfully charming childlike atmosphere, although some of the cutesy elements feel a little forced.

It’s a great example of a 2D platformer, and it has some gorgeous graphics. The story is based on a classic fairy-tale storyline with Ghibli-esque details.

While this game isn’t the most sophisticated, it’s worth a look nonetheless. It’s got some very creative platforming, and the premise of the game is very interesting: you play a puppet and try to get a missing head back. Each head has a special power that you can use.

The hamburger head, for example, can turn a sandwich into a bouncy burger, which is great for reaching the impossible platform.

Another fun aspect of Puppeteer is that it includes a sidekick character, which you control with the right thumb stick. The sidekicks help you explore the game’s many locations, and you can play the game with a second person. This allows you to share your experience with a friend or family member.


X-COM 2 is a turn-based strategy game where you are part of a small rebel force that is fighting against alien rulers. The gameplay involves base-building and scrambling for supplies, all while staying out of sight of the enemy. You can even level up your characters and get new abilities.

XCOM 2 is an evolution of XCOM, with much more depth on the battlefield and in soldier management. The graphics are significantly better, and there’s even mod support. You can even upgrade your units’ equipment, such as guns and armor. The game is still a great option for gamers with a nostalgic bent for the old days.

The original X-COM was a two-player game that required email responses. The first game, called First Alien Invasion, was an easier, simpler version of the mainline version. It was also the first in the series to use email as a gaming platform, which made it accessible to underpowered PCs. However, fans of the original game didn’t take it well.

XCOM 2 is a turn-based tactical strategy game that was released in 2016. This game takes place 20 years after the events of the first game. In this game, humans have fallen victim to aliens and the aliens rule the Earth with propaganda, fear, and brute strength. This makes it a unique and entertaining game to play, but it can also be frustrating.

Deus Ex

Deus Ex is a cyberpunk game that blends the fantastic with the real world. Its characters are nanobots that give them superhuman abilities such as the ability to regenerate their health, lights in their eyes, and increased jump height. These nanobots are the evolution of mankind and a generation above mechs.

The game has a great story and a variety of locations that evoke neo-noir themes. Players can explore New York City, Hong Kong, Area 51, and underwater laboratories.

The plot is long and involves multiple choices, and the game’s music suits the tone well. Its graphics, however, are not up to scratch today.

While some games are easier to play than others, Deus Ex has a very compelling storyline that puts it in the top tier of first-person shooters.

Its unique plot is up there with Max Payne and Fallout in terms of quality. The game flipped the script on the first-person shooter genre by adding RPG elements and stealth mechanics to give players more options when it comes to playstyle.

Invisible War is another worthy entry in the Deus Ex series. Despite the terrible cover art, it is a competent addition to the canon of the Deus Ex series. Set in a future where secret organizations rule the world, personal freedoms have been surrendered to state whims, this game combines RPG and FPS genres with stealth. The story is compelling and the voice acting is stellar.


Pharaoh is a strategy game that was released by Sierra OnLine back in 1999. It takes place in ancient Egypt and allows players to take charge of a dynasty. As the dynasty grows, players gain honor and eventually become pharaoh.

The game is divided into five phases. Each phase requires players to develop a city with the right number of houses and residents.

Pharaoh is an incredibly addictive game that combines the elements of city building with naval warfare. The game is huge and is challenging to master. Players will build pyramids, temples, and cities and must manage their resources to stay prosperous.

The game also has several different difficulty levels and a complex dynastic system. Although the game may sound old-school, it is still very much worth playing today.

This remake of the classic Sierra Entertainment title has over 50 missions and more than 100 hours of gameplay. It also features an editor mode that lets players create their own missions, if they wish. The game also has a very unique story set in ancient Egypt.


Kororinpa is a great game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, even those who have never played a video game before. Its charming premise, killer physics engine, and Wii Remote control make it an ideal game for all skill levels.

It’s also a unique game with plenty of potential for improvements, but it’s a shame Hudson Soft didn’t have the energy to add more levels.

Despite the simplicity of the controls, Kororinpa is a challenging game with many different levels. Its controls are intuitive, and the game offers a clear goal and a clear end. It’s also mind-bending, particularly as it progresses from level to level.

Kororinpa’s levels are beautifully designed, but it has no widescreen support. The game’s level themes are always nice, and you can switch between different city themes depending on the level. It also has decent sound effects, including animal noises. It even lets you use the Wii Remote to control your marbles, which is a nice touch.

The game is also addictive. If you’re a fan of the Marble Saga series, Kororinpa is a worthy choice. While it’s a bit too easy for the casual player, this game will still keep you entertained for a long time.

Chuckie Egg

If you’re looking for a retro game, Chuckie Egg is a great choice. This platformer from 1985 was a smash hit. It was released on many platforms, including the Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, and the BBC Micro.

It’s also been remade several times, including for the C64 and the Amiga. Now, there’s a modernized version of Chuckie Egg on Switch, which could be a true classic.

Chuckie Egg was created by Nigel Alderton, a young programmer, and first released on the ZX Spectrum. Later, the game was ported to other 8-bit systems, including the Commodore 64, Acorn Electron, and Atari ST. It is a cult classic that helped popularise the genre of platform games.

Chuckie Egg is an excellent platformer from a time when the genre was more original and fun. It has a wide variety of controls.

Left and right arrow keys make Harry walk left and right, while up and down will get him to climb ladders. You can also use the fire button to jump on the spot.