An Elden Ring Story ► The Lord of Frenzied Flame

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Table Of Contents

00:00 Prepare to Cry
20:31 Cry a lot

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►The Legend of Castle Morne: “Race Against time” by Hampus Naeselius
►Meeting Kale: “Asteroids” by Yi Nantiro
►Edgar’s Betrayal: “A Man with No Eyes” by Trailer Worx
►Yura’s Mission: “Watchman” by Yi Nantiro
►Meeting Hyetta: “Orcus” by Lennon Hutton
►Shabriri Grape Reveal: “The Clearing” by Golden Anchor
►Shabriri’s Slander & Kale’s Search for Home: “Haumea” by Lennon Hutton
►Hyetta’s finds her purpose: “Absence of Light” by Prozody
►Vyke, The dragon spear: “Stuck in the Apocalyptic Vision” by At the End of Times, Nothing
►The Evergaol Duel: “Call of the North” by Niklas Johansson
►Yura as Shabriri: “An Obssesion” by Dayon
►Melina’s final plea: “character creation” from Elden Ring OST
►Destroying the Golden Order: “Yole Kross Ayle (The Song of the Dead)” by Ian Post

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