An Elden Ring Story ► The Blessing of Despair

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I had a lot of commissioned help with this project – please follow my collaborators below!
►Mispap1 was my project partner, and their cinematic videos can be watched here:
►John Devlin helped with storyboarding and drawing the artwork for the animated sequence at the beginning of the video
►Xavier Lesieu was responsible for animating the sequence at the beginning – incredible work:
►Arcane Bard Audio created the custom Harpy Orchestration and the music for the demigods:
►Ricepirate, for voice acting the cut dialogue of the Shanehaight Noble:
►Zullie the Witch, for helping us to implement the Blessing of Despair skybox:
►Fieldhouz, for the “thrones” animation:
►Alex Roe, for the feature of their song “Remembrance”
►Quelaag, for providing placeholder Omen Child VO:

00:00 Prepare to cry
28:51 Cry a lot

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►TheParryGod, for Secrets editing and footage –
►Mispap1, for Lore / Prepare to Cry editing and footage –

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MUSIC (most is royalty-free or licensed from Epidemic Sound. Sign up or browse here: (

ES_“In Pieces” – by Madison York (Animated Intro)

“Symphony of Despair”- by Arcane Bard Audio (Demigod Introductions)

Elden Ring OST: “Margit, the Fell Omen” by Tsukasa Saitoh (Arriving at Stormveil)

ES_”Queen of Crystals” – by Edward Joe Myers (Traveling to Liurna)

ES_”The Cold (STEMS MELODY)” – Alec Slayn. (Meeting Boggart)

“Flowing Mysterious Atmosphere” – by Crypt of Insomnia (Meeting Dung Eater)

“The Darkest Day” by Jimmy Svensson (The Dung Eater)

ES_”Rivers Run Red” – by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen (Slaying Margit’s Decoy)

“Flowing Mysterious Atmosphere” – by Crypt of Insomnia (Boggart talks about the Dung Eater)

Elden Ring OST: “Altus Plateau” – by Shoi Miyazawa (Entering the Royal Capital)

Elden Ring OST: “Leyndell, Royal Capital” – by Yuka Kitamura (Meeting the Noble of HouseShanehaight)

Elden Ring OST: “Subterranean Shunning-Grounds” – by Shoi Miyazawa (The Sewers Below)

“Mystery Clock Suspense” – by Crypt of Insomnia (Setting the Dung Eater Free)

Elden Ring OST: “Catacombs” – by Yuka Kitamura (Boggart’s fate)

“Delusion (voice & instrumental version)” – by Crypt of Insomnia

“Viking Formation (shaman version)” – by Crypt of Insomnia

“Lendyll Flute Song” – Elden Ring Ambience

“Elden Ring Main Theme & The Final Battle Remix – Remembrance” by Alex Roe

Elden Ring OST: “Morgott, the Omen King”- by Tsukasa Saitoh

ES_”Appeased Soundscape 01”- by August Wilhelmsson

“Dark Choir Soundscape (full version)” – by AllenGrey

ES_”In Remembrance” – by Silver Maple

ES_”It’s Dark Outside” – by Mary Riddle

“Summoning Ritual” – by Crypt of Insomnia

“Scorched Earth” – by Crypt of Insomnia

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