23 BIG Elden Ring Mistakes You're Probably Still Making! Elden Ring Tips and Tricks

Elden Ring isn’t easy but these Elden Ring tips and tricks will make the Elden Ring mistakes, the silly and common ones happen a lot less often whether you’ve been playing for 1 hour or 500 hours so I’m going to share some Elden Ring tips & tricks in order to help you out on your journey and stop you making some of the 23 big mistakes that you are probably still making this long after launch. In this video we will cover everything in terms of Elden Ring mistakes for beginner players and even advanced players with lots of game time and high levels. These Elden Ring tips & tricks will help you stay alive longer in battle, stop you locking yourself out of items due to making too much progression too quick and even keep the runes from all of your Elden Ring rune farm efforts when you get destroyed by the tough enemies and bosses in the game. Elden Ring gives you little room for error so knowing these Elden Ring tips will hopefully at least slow down the amount you make the Elden Ring mistakes because they are really common even if you are a crazy high level and you’re running an OP Elden Ring bleed build as an example. Let me know your most common mistake whilst playing Elden Ring, share any other Elden Ring tips and tricks you can in the comments below and maybe we can make another Elden Ring guide soon πŸ˜€

Table Of Contents

0:00 – Intro
0:51 – #1: Attacking NPC’s for No Reason
2:05 – #2: Not Knowing How to Sprint
2:31 – #3: Missing a Free Spirit Calling Bell and Summon
3:28 – #4: Not Knowing NPC’s Now Have Map Icons
4:17 – #5: Ignoring Strength Weapons Because of Requirements
5:08 – #6: Not Fully Exhausting NPC Dialogue
6:06 – #7: Fighting Horseback for Higher Damage Negation
6:45 – #8: Getting Free Runes From Glowing Skulls and Selling Them
7:44 – #9: Worrying About Wasting Your Smithing Stones
8:49 – #10: Not Grabbing All Sites of Grace
9:37 – #11: Using Heavy Jump Attacks to Poise Break
10:20 – #12: Always Dodging Away From Attacks
11:03 – #13: Giving Yourself a Headache With Bosses
11:53 – #14: Getting a Cuddle From Fia
13:28 – #15: Locking Yourself out of Items
14:46 – #16: Worrying About Your Starting Class
15:49 – #17: Panic Rolling
16:32 – #18: Focusing on the Wrong Stats
18:19 – #19: Not Using Great Runes and the Flask of Wondrous Physick
19:55 – #20: Not Using Spirit and Player Summons
20:36 – #21: Not Gathering Sacred Tears at Churches
21:33 – #22: Losing Your Runes
22:36 – #23: Not Getting Map Fragments
23:38 – Outro/End Screen

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