Character names can feel like one of the most important elements in your story, and unfortunately this is the part where a lot of writers get stuck. Names can be a common stumbling block for writers – what to name which character can feel more complicated than the plot itself – but there’s no reason why writers should get stuck on names for too long. 

The internet has a great resource called Name Generators that’s used by thousands of fiction writers, screenwriters and other character creators every day. These are great for when you’re stuck on a specific character name when you should be working on your story instead. 

Why do character names matter as much as they do? 

Here’s why you should make use of fantasy name generators to find the right name for your character and why it’s considered such an important thing in our lives and stories. 

Names are Power

Names are power and it’s worked that way for thousands of years. Whether you believe in numerology or not, what you call someone matters – we respond to the names people call us, and we sometimes choose other names (or nicknames) to identify ourselves by when we don’t like our birth names or we’re trying to pick something fitting for a username. 

This power that names have over how we behave is just as true for fiction as it is for real life. 

As a writer, names hold just as much power. 

This is a practical explanation for just why some writers can get stuck on their character names for weeks or months at a time. 

Name Generators Can Help You Start

When you’re stuck on names for a story, your story can’t progress. It’s just one route to writer’s block – and it can keep you stuck on the same thing for a while. You might even only realize that you would like to change the name of the character to something else during the editing phase. 

Name Generators are almost like a brain override switch for any writer who finds themselves stuck on looking for a fitting name. Instead of your brain going around and around the fact that you can’t find the right name, it gives you an option. “Here, use this.” 

A name generator can turn one of the most common writing issues into something you can fix with the click of a button – and that’s why they’re great for starting off. 

Some Names Are Iconic

Names like Legolas are iconic ones. You don’t, for most people, have to point out that you’re referring to the Legolas from Lord of the Rings (or the Neo from the Matrix). These names have become so iconic that you don’t have to ask – and that they rarely appear anywhere else. 

If you’re a fantasy writer, unique and iconic names like these can be one of the most important elements for what makes your story work. 

Name generators can come up with names that fit this well, and names that haven’t appeared anywhere else in print before. 

It’s another reason why names matter – and why fantasy name generators are great for getting the right name for your character in just a few clicks. 

Names Have Influence

More than just power, names have influence – and not just on the people who have them, but the people who know them. Some names are more memorable than others. Harry Potter. Hillary Clinton. Jack Black. These names are more often said in their combined form, and have no doubt had a strong influence on the characters or people who carry the name. 

Names shape us – and fantasy name generators can help you to find the right name to shape the life of the characters you’re about to write.